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Sex During Pregnancy

Yes, medical experts agree that it’s safe to have sex while you’re pregnant, especially for women with uncomplicated, low-risk pregnancies.

You want to do what?

During the first trimester, sex is often the last thing on most women’s minds—they’re tired, nauseous and trying to cope with the many changes their bodies are going through.

During the second trimester, however, they’re usually feeling better (and there is more lubrication), making sex more appealing and satisfying for both partners. Also, most women are still fairly comfortable during the second trimester because their stomach is not overly rounded yet.

In the third trimester, sex may seem more physically difficult, especially during the final weeks of pregnancy, but with some modifications and a willingness to accommodate the mom-to-be’s bulging belly, it can certainly be enjoyed.

Rest assured, your baby is well protected

It’s important to remember that your growing baby is an egg surrounded by a pillow and then another pillow, and that sex will not hurt the fetus.

And while it may be an old wives’ tale that having sex near your due date during the third trimester can bring on labor, it is true that having an orgasm causes the release of prostaglandins, which can theoretically cause contractions. At 40 weeks, this can be a good thing!

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