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5 Tips For New Dads

Adjusting to life as a new dad

Feed your baby. Change your baby’s diaper. Soothe your baby. Repeat.

Yes, you’re probably going to be overwhelmed and sleep deprived during the first few weeks with your newborn, but hang on…it gets better. By following these 5 tips, hopefully you can even come to enjoy these wonderful days (and nights).

1. Do more than your share

Even though you’ve just been through a major event (labor and birth), remember that your partner has been through more (actually giving birth). You can’t breastfeed but you can help with just about everything else: laundry, cooking, grocery shopping and more. The more you help out, the better you’ll all get along (baby included).

2. Take a time out

Due to stress, sleep deprivation, and your partner’s hormonal changes, the first three months could drive any new parents over the edge. When things are escalating and one (or both) of you are at your wit’s end, take a time out. Do the dishes, talk a walk, get a snack. After taking a breather, things often seem a lot calmer.

3. It’s not a competition

You’re tired. She’s tired. Trying to one-up each other won’t help. Instead, take naps whenever you can, and encourage your partner to do the same. Even if it’s just a short cat nap, getting some rest can do wonders for preventing meltdowns.

4. Help at feedings

If your partner is breastfeeding, you may feel left out of the process but you don’t have to be — there’s still lots you can do. Changing your baby’s diaper, feeding a bottle of pumped milk, burping, bathing, and getting him/her back to sleep when crying. Your partner will feel your support — and you’ll get wonderful quality time with your baby.

5. Take the 2nd shift

When you finish your workday, it’s a huge help if you could take over “baby duties” for a while so your partner can get a break. Remember, your little one will only be little for a short while, so make the most of this precious time together.

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