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Patient Portal

Welcome to our NextGen Patient Portal!

Our secure patient portal allows you electronic access to your medical records. On the portal you will be able to:

  • Communicate with your doctor
  • Request appointment with your doctor
  • Request Refill Prescriptions
  • Access your test results

New to the portal?

Using the login credentials given to you at your doctor's office or from the portal support team, click here https://www.nextmd.com/ud2/Enroll/TermsAndConditions.aspx and follow the instructions.

If you are requesting enrollment for patients under the age of 18 or requesting access on behalf of an adult patient of Westchester Health (e.g. as a legal guardian) you will be required to complete the appropriate Patient Portal Consent/Authorization forms prior to enrollment in the WHA Patient Portal. Upon completion of the appropriate form(s) below please fax them to (866) 575-4832 or mail to:

Westchester Health
Attn: Portal Team
190 Goldens Bridge Road
Katonah, NY 10536

Available Forms:

WH NextGen Patient Portal Authorization Form for Pediatrics.

For patients ages 0 to 18 yrs. old. This form must be filled out by the parent/ guardian for each child.

WH NextGen Patient Portal Care Manger Authorization Form for Adults.

For a spouse / family representative accessing and managing a patient's portal account or parent accessing a portal account for a child who is 18 or older.


For your added convenience below is a quick reference guide for navigating the portal:

Click here to download

For any questions please contact the portal support team at:
(914) 232-1919 - Option 1, during our business hours Monday thru Friday 8:00 am – 4:30 pm or
email us at


Frequently Asked Questions

What is the Westchester Health Patient Portal?

The Patient Portal is a secure, confidential and easy to use website that gives patients 24 hour access to their medical records. It uses the latest encryption technology to deliver secure communication between patients and providers. The Patient Portal is administered and maintained by NextGen Healthcare Information Systems, LLC (“NextGen”) on behalf of Westchester Health.

How is the Patient Portal secure?

Your security is important to us.We are committed to protecting your privacy. Your name and email address will be treated with the same care and privacy given to your health records and will never be sold or leased by Westchester Health or NextGen. We use techniques to encrypt, safeguard, and secure your personal information. For more information, please review the NextGen Privacy Policy on the Westchester Health Patient Portal login screen and the Westchester Health Notice of Privacy Practices.

How will Westchester Health and NextGen use my information on the Patient Portal?

Westchester Health will access and use your information on the Patient Portal in accordance with the Westchester Health Patient Portal Consent Form which you must complete in order to access the portal and Westchester Health’s Notice of Privacy Practices. As a summary, Westchester Health may use your information in order to facilitate scheduling, billing, and your treatment, as well as to communicate with you about your care.

Is there a fee to use the Patient Portal?

No! The Patient Portal is provided as a courtesy to our patients and its use is optional. Westchester Health is focused on providing the highest level of service and health care.

What services can I access via the Patient Portal?

By signing up and enrolling in the Patient Portal you will be able to:

  • Correspond online with your provider and practice using the Patients Portal’s secure messaging capabilities
  • Request appointments
  • Access important health information from your medical record
  • Request prescription refills


Is the Patient Portal appropriate for urgent matters?

Under no circumstances should the Patient Portal be used for urgent matters. Use of the Patient Portal is for non-urgent (routine) communication and requests only. In case of an emergency, call 911 or go to the nearest emergency room.

How do I sign up for the Portal?

You may contact the Patient Portal Team at (914) 232-1919 option #3, email the Portal WHM-Portal@northwell.edu or you may request access at your next visit. While in your doctor’s office, inform staff that you wish to enroll in the Patient Portal. If you are requesting access on behalf of another Westchester Health patient (e.g. as a legal guardian) then you must complete the relevant Authorization Form and provide documentation in accordance with our policies and procedures to verify that you are such patient’s personal legal representative.

The office will provide you with a temporary username, password and security question answer.

A welcome email will be sent to you at the e-mail address you provide at the office. This will supply a link to the Patient Portal login screen. Follow the prompts which will guide you through the enrollment process. Choose and remember a password, you will be using it each time you log into the site. We suggest you keep your password in a secure location, if you forget your password you must request a password reset from your login screen.

If you have a filter for “junk” mail, please monitor your junk folder for Westchester Health emails.

Can my spouse and I SHARE one Westchester Health Patient Portal account?

Due to the sensitive nature of medical information each adult patient must complete and sign our Patient Portal Care Manager Form for Adults to grant access to each other’s Portal accounts.

When are messages monitored?

Although you can access the Patient Portal 24/7, incoming messages from patients are only monitored by Westchester Health staff during our normal business hours. Therefore, please do not use the Patient Portal for any urgent issues, or in emergency situations. In those cases, you should either call our office, or in the event of an emergency you should call 911 and/or go to the appropriate setting (urgent care or emergency room).

Can I see lab results on the NextGen Patient Portal website?

Lab results are automatically sent to the portal only after they have been reviewed and signed off by the provider. If you do not see your labs you should send your provider a secure message from the NextGen Patient Portal account asking for the status of a recent lab result. When your provider sends you an electronic copy of the lab result, you will receive an email notification indicating a document is available in the Inbox.

Can I see my family members' health information?

Access to information for patients under the age of 12 is permitted by the child’s personal representative. Access to information for children ages 12 to 18 is also permitted by a child’s representative, but is limited to appointment requests only. Access to another adult’s information (18 or older) can only be done under the following conditions:

  1. Mutual Consent of the patient with signed authorization; or
  2. By a Patient’s personal representative(s) after completion of an appropriate authorization form and submission of any documentation Westchester Health may require.


What if I need more information than is available through the Patient Portal?

If you need additional information than what is available through the Portal, you may complete an Authorization for Release of Health Information Form and turn it in at your doctor’s office or mail or fax it to the address/fax number on the form.

Who do I contact with questions regarding the Patient Portal?

The Patient Portal Support Team can be contacted during normal business hours at (914) 232-1919 Option #3 for assistance in any of your questions regarding the Patient Portal.

I have a Portal Account from another Medical Practice how do I enroll in your Patient Portal?

If you currently have an active Portal Account with another Medical Practice log into your established NextMD account using your Portal id and password you created. Once logged in select the SETTINGS tab and then MANAGE PRACTICES. Under Enroll to the Additional Practice enter the security token provided by Westchester Health along with your email address and select submit.

What if I can’t remember my User Id and Password?

If you can’t remember your username and or password select the following from the Patient Portal login screen:


Select one of the below options which applies to your situation:

I forgot my Username
Select this option if you forgot your user name You will need to enter your Last Name, Email Address and Date of Birth. An email will be sent to the email that you provided with your Username.

I forgot my Password
Select this option if you know your Username but have forgotten your password. You will be required to enter your Username. An email will be sent with a “Forgot Password” link. You must create a new password and security questions.

I have my reset token
If you have contacted the Portal Support team and a password rest token has been given enter it here along with your email address. Next, follow the onscreen instructions.

I do not remember any of my login credentials
Select this option if you do not remember both your Username and your Password. You will be required to enter your First Name, Last Name Email Address, Date of Birth and your Zip Code. You will receive an email with a link to reset all of your credentials.

What if I un-enrolled myself from the Portal and would now like to re-enroll?

If you have been un-enrolled from the portal and would like to re-enroll you must request a new enrollment token from the Portal Support Team. You must create a new USERID and PASSWORD. Your previous ID will not work. However, your portal history will be there when you log in. This includes any appointment history and communications with your physicians office.

Why don’t I see my physician in the drop down for Appointments, Medication renewals or Communications?

If you do not see your physician as an option for appointments, medication renewals or communications they are not currently setup for the Patient Portal at this time. Contact the support team at (914) 232-1919 option #3 or email WHM-Portal@northwell.edu for assistance in the enrollment process.

Why am I unable to open a PDF or other documents received from a doctor?

Many NextGen Patient Portal documents are in Adobe Acrobat format. To view these documents you need an Adobe Acrobat Reader. Ensure you have the latest Adobe Acrobat Reader installed in your system.

Why am I unable to open any documents received from a doctor, even though I have Adobe Acrobat Reader installed?

If Adobe Acrobat Reader is installed, but you still cannot open documents, verify if JavaScript is enabled in your computer. JavaScript is required to display messages and it may not be enabled on your browser. Click the Having Trouble? link on your Nextgen Patient Portal Page for instructions to enable scripting.

What should I do if I see an error message when trying to open or download a document sent from a doctor?

When trying to open or download a document, if you are receiving an error message such as:

  • Internet Explorer cannot download 50PPM from nextmd.com
  • Internet Explorer was not able to open the internet site
  • The requested sie is either unavailable or cannot be found. Please try again.

In these cases, there could be issues with the Internet Explorer security settings. Click Having Trouble? link on your NextGen Patient Portal page for instructions to fix the issue.

Can I see all my appointments in the Inbox?

Yes. Both appointments made directly through the NextGen Portal website and appointments made by phone or at the practice location will display.