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By having an optical shop onsite we are able to provide our patients with the finest optical craftsmanship and the latest in frame design to meet their personal fashion tastes.

Excellence is Our Reputation

Consumer Reports identified patient satisfaction to be much higher with eyewear crafted by an independent optician when compared to satisfaction rates at large optical chain stores. City Specs Optical specializes in frames and lenses made by the most reputable companies of the world, which has set the standard in the industry and strengthened our credibility as the place to shop for quality eyeglasses.

Included are the most popular lightweight frames and lenses, anti-reflective coatings, specialty lenses, sports eyewear, sun wear (prescription and nonprescription).

We offer photo-chromatic eyeglasses, polarized eyeglasses, tinted eyeglasses, anti-scratch coating, and anti-reflective coating at the best possible prices.

That's not all... we also offer a wide range of designer frames and sunglasses at huge discounts. We guarantee 100% authentic designer glasses that come with the certificate of authenticity, plus original case and cloth. Custom made rimless eyeglasses in different styles and designs as well as prescription ready frames available to you at affordable rates.

Get Started

Click on any designer logo on this page to visit that designer's website. You may choose your eyeglasses from any of these websites and then get an identifying product number, or simply print out the page with your selection and bring it to City Specs Optical.

Whatever your style, from classic or conservative to downright funky, you'll find exactly what you desire from the best eyewear available. And if there is something special that you want outside of our existing choices, we'll be delighted to order it for you!

Superior Service

Our highly-trained and experienced optician works directly with your eye doctor, whether here at Westchester Health Ophthalmology or elsewhere, to meet the exact specifications of your prescription. Through this close optician-doctor relationship, we are able to provide a level of quality and service that assures exquisite vision correction.

We consistently test our frames for quality, durability and usability, utilizing leading-edge technology to grind your lenses and assemble your eyewear, to ensure accurate and excellent results every time.

Personalized Attention

Eyewear comes in a wide variety of styles and materials. And, because no frame or lens works for everyone, our friendly and knowledgeable optician works diligently to assist you in finding just the right choice of frames and lenses that leaves you feeling comfortable and confident. With our expertise, amazing selection and welcoming, professional environment, you're guaranteed to find the perfect eyewear that meets your needs and suits your personality!

At City Specs, we are committed to providing you with the highest quality eyewear available, at the best price, complimented by superior service!

Lens Designs & Options

Single Vision – this all-purpose lens is available in all materials, and can be used for either distance or near vision correction.

Bifocals – provide both far (driving) and near (reading a map) correction in one lens. Bifocals have one visible dividing line.

Trifocals – are basically bifocals lenses with a third mid-range area. The majority of the lens is for distance viewing, while the center portion is divided into intermediate and near viewing segments. Trifocals have two visible dividing lines.

No-line Progressives – Around the age of 40, most people start to have difficulty focusing at close range. Single vision lenses can no longer be used for the entire range of vision from near to far. Traditional bifocal lenses provide clear vision of objects in the distance and near ranges, but everything in between is blurred. And, the visible dividing line is a telltale sign to everyone that you are wearing bifocals!

ZEISS premium progressive lenses are the solution. Gradal® lenses by Carl Zeiss offer the crispest, smoothest, most comfortable vision at all distances. No need to exchange eyeglasses. And practically no time is needed to adapt to your new lenses.

Gradal® Individual Premium Progressives - Your eyes are unlike anyone else’s in the world. And, for the first time ever, your progressive lenses can be too. With Gradal® Individual premium progressives, Carl Zeiss gives you lenses uniquely engineered for your personal anatomy. No matter what you use your progressives for -- reading, computer
work, gardening, home projects or hobbies -- Gradal® Individual technology gives you crisper, more comfortable vision than you’ve ever thought possible.

GT2™ by ZEISS — Engineered for visual satisfaction. GT2 progressive lenses by ZEISS restore up-close vision while providing you with clear, spacious distance and mid-range vision in the same pair of eyeglasses. With GT2, you’ll experience superior optics and viewing comfort for any activity you take part in. You’ll be totally satisfied with your vision. You might even say thrilled.

High Index Lenses:

. Thinnest and lightest
• Best visual clarity of lens materials
• Built in UV protection
• Scratch resistant coating

Polycarbonate Lenses:

• Thinner and lighter
• Built in UV protection
• Scratch resistant coating
• Safest lens material

Plastic Lenses:

• Lighter and safer than glass
• Scratch resistant coating available

Transition/Photochromatic Lenses:

• Darken and lighten according to light exposure (lens
darkens in sunlight and is clear indoors)

Anti-Glare Coating:

• Diminishes distracting reflections from computer screens, TV or indoor lights
• Helps reduce eye fatigue
• Reduces glare when driving at night
• Available in all materials

UV Protection and Scratch Resistant Coating:

• Available on all lenses


• Should always be UV protective

Polarized Lenses:

• The best choice for eliminating glare (Any surface can create glare in sunlight, including water, snow, sand, and vehicles)
• Eases eye stress and fatigue
• Ideal for hunters, boaters, fisherman and golfers

Tinted Lenses:

• A wide variety of vision enhancing tints are available

Computer Lenses:

• If viewing a VDT for more than two hours, you may need a variable focus lens
• Clear vision to computer screen and immediate vicinity

Sports Glasses:

• Safety is the key… these are the most impact resistant lenses and frames available
• Available in many designs and colors

Industrial/Occupational Glasses:

• Lenses and frames that can be designed for almost all occupational and safety needs

City Specs maintains the highest standards in the industry, therefore all of our eyewear products come with a 1-year warranty. Please feel free to ask for a description of our warranty policy.

City Specs Optical Shop: (914) 666-5840

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