Obstetrics and Gynecology is a medical and surgical specialty concerned with the management of pregnancy and childbirth and with the health of the female reproductive system.

Our physicians are experts in the care of women during their puberty, reproductive years, and menopause. We provide comprehensive care that includes low risk and high risk obstetrical management. We provide warm and compassionate care with an emphasis on the individual. We are Board-Certified gynecological surgeons in both minimally invasive and robotic surgery.

Our OB/GYN’s provide expertise in the following diseases and procedures:

• Low risk obstetrics   
• Robotic Surgery
• High risk obstetrics
• Minimally invasive laparoscopic surgery
• Perinatology consultation     
• Infertility treatment and counseling    
• Sexual dysfunction
• Amniocentesis
• Genetic screening and testing   
• BRCA gene testing
• In-office 4D ultrasounds   
• Contraceptive counseling
• Vaginal and vulvar disorders      
• In-office uterine ablations   
• IUD placements   
• Testing and treatment of STD’s   
• Irregular periods
• Hormone replacement therapy   
• Endometriosis
• Bioidentical hormone therapy   
• Colposcopy
• Management of abnormal pap smears        
• Fibroids
• HPV Vaccination
• Leep

Physicians specializing in