General Appointment Instructions


Please prepare for your visit by bringing:

  • Health Insurance Card/Information & your co-pay
  • A friend or family member to take notes/help with questions
  • A list of all medications you are taking - include prescriptions, over-the-counter, natural and herbal medications and vitamins.
  • A list of your questions /concerns
  • A copy of your XRAYS / CT scans (not the reports - please get the actual films)
  • Copies of records from doctors related to your appointment with us
  • Completed FORMS

We want to answer as many of your questions as possible at your visit.

Patient Office Forms (downloadable)


Travel Injections

• Please make appointment 30 days or more before your travel date.

• If this is an initial visit to the Westchester Health, please bring a copy of your past immunizations. ("Yellow Book")

• Please bring a copy of the itinerary for your trip.

• For more information about travel immunizations, visit www.MDTRAVELHEALTH.COM.

Preoperative Clearance

• We recommend an appointment 10-14 days prior to surgery.

• Bring preoperative information at time of exam, including the phone number and fax number of the surgeon and hospital and a list of all tests requested.

• A preoperative exam does not require fasting. However if you would like to have your cholesterol or blood sugar tested at the time of your visit, you should fast ( nothing to eat or drink except for water 8 hours prior to the exam) and inform your physician.

Physical Exam

• Nothing to eat or drink except water from midnight the night before. Please drink water the day of your exam.

• Please do not wear body lotions or oils to your exam. Deodorant is permitted.

• On the day of your exam, please take your blood pressure medications, but not your other medications.

• Bring along a list of all the medications that you take, with the dosages, including over-the-counter medications, herbal medications, and vitamins.

If This Is A Consultation From A Doctor Outside Our Group

• Bring your referral information. Verify with your insurance if a referral if needed for the scheduled appointment.

• Bring any results of diagnostic tests (imaging, lab work, consultation notes) regarding the reason for this appointment.