Why Antibiotics Are NOT Always The Best Way To Treat An Illness

Antibiotic-resistant bacteria is becoming a growing health crisis, writes Westchester Health Pediatrics pediatrician Lauren Adler, MD, FAAP, in her recent blog. Antimicrobial drug resistance as a growing public health crisis and apparently, adding antibiotics to the feed of healthy livestock is one of the main reasons why.


Lauren Adler MD, FAAP

What’s particularly worrying, Dr. Adler explains, is that young children are particularly at risk for antimicrobial-resistant infections. When antibiotics are given to a patient to fight an infection, the susceptible bacteria are killed, leaving the resistant bacteria behind to multiply even faster.

When antibiotics should be used and when they should not

Dr. Adler strongly advises that only bacterial infections need to be treated with antibiotics, such as:

  • ear infections
  • pneumonia
  • strep
  • UTI

If a child has a cold or virus, antibiotics will not help and using them in these cases simply promotes resistance.

Buying organic and avoiding the unnecessary use of antibiotics are two ways to avoid promoting antibiotic-resistant bacteria

Buying organic (or at least antibiotic-free foods) is one important step we can take toward our families’ health. And most importantly, when your pediatrician explains to you that your child does not need an antibiotic for his/her cough, your doctor is not trying to be difficult, he/she is trying to do the best thing for your child and for society.

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To read Dr. Adler’s blog in full, click here.

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