Westchester Health Pediatrician Dr. Peter Richel Teaches Kids To Wear A Mask In Fun Video

“Have you been wearing a mask?,” asks Westchester Health Pediatrician Dr. Peter Richel in the recent video he created, “Let’s Put On A Mask.” Known as “the singing pediatrician,” Dr. Richel uses a fun, bouncy song to teach kids about the importance of wearing a mask to keep themselves and those around them from getting sick.

“Right now, it’s a really important thing to do,” he explains in the video before breaking into song. With lyrics such as, “Red or yellow, green or blue, wearing a mask is just a cool thing to do,” he encourages kids to wear a mask whenever they go out, along with hand washing, going outside in the fresh air and getting lots of rest.

To watch the video, click on the image below:

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