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Video: Most Up-to-Date Information On Zika Virus

In this very informative 27-minute video, Lauren Adler, MD, FAAP, Lead Pediatric Physician with Westchester Health Pediatrics, and Tiffany Werbin-Silver, MD, FACOG, OB/GYN with Westchester Health Associates, discuss the Zika virus, how it is contracted, how to avoid getting it, and how to get tested for it. Dr. Alan Siegel of Health iQ is the host. To […]


Marc Rabuse, MD Marks 40 Years As Pediatrician At Westchester Health Pediatrics

Westchester Health Associates and Westchester Health Pediatrics would like to congratulate Marc Rabuse, MD for his 40 years of clinical practice in pediatrics, providing exceptional medical care to children and their families throughout the Westchester region. What an extraordinary achievement! Practicing pediatrics for four decades (and counting), Dr. Rabuse has treated over 500 second-generation families and […]

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5 Do-It-Yourself Remedies For Plantar Fasciitis

Plantar fasciitis is an extremely painful condition caused by inflammation of the thick tissue, or fascia, that run along the bottom of the foot. Who gets it? Typically, long distance runners, people with low arches who run in shoes without proper arch support, and those with a muscular imbalance in the hips or pelvis which places more […]

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7 Westchester Health Pediatrics Physicians And Specialists Named “Top Doctors” By Castle Connolly

Westchester Health Pediatrics is pleased to announce that 7 of our pediatricians and specialists have been selected by Castle Connolly as “Top Doctors” for 2015 and acknowledged in Westchester Magazine. Here at Westchester Health Pediatrics, we are committed to the highest standards of quality care and take great pride in the fact that such a large number of our […]