Westchester Health Orthopedics and Sports Medicine Physician Dr. Michael Gott Launches Fantasy Football Video Series

In this first video in the series, Dr. Gott discusses last season’s ruptured patella tendon injury of Victor Cruz, New York Giants wide receiver

Fantasy Football has many fans and players — over 50 million Americans each year, in fact. Among them is Dr. Michael A. Gott, an Orthopedic and Sports Medicine physician with Westchester Health Orthopedics and Sports Medicine. Dr. Gott, thoroughly dedicated to all things sports, has just launched a new weekly video series where he will share his orthopedic and sports medicine expertise with Fantasy Football fans.

Each week he will give his professional opinion via video on a key player’s significant injury, drawn from published medical literature. Fantasy Football fans can use his medical opinions to select, cut or continue with their current Fantasy Football selections. To view the video, click here. And be sure and check back every week for the next installment!