Don’t Wait! Get Your Flu Shot Now.

Yes, the flu shot works and we strongly recommend getting it

Every flu season, many people do not get the flu shot because they think it will actually give them the illness. Not only is this not true, but it allows the flu to spread to others. Whenever you get a vaccine, your body mounts an immune response to produce antibodies to defend itself in case it contracts that illness in the future. Yes, you might have a mild reaction to the flu shot, but that is 100 times better than getting the flu itself. For your own health and the health of those around you, it’s very important to get vaccinated, every year.

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It’s October — Time To Get Your Flu Shot

Even though Halloween is still a few weeks away, this is the time of year to get the flu shot. When people ask us whether they should get vaccinated against the flu, our answer is always an enthusiastic YES. It prevents you from getting the flu or at least shortens its duration by 1-2 days, which if you’ve ever had the flu is a lot! Continue reading