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Westchester Health Pediatrician Dr. Hildred Machuca Featured On ABC News

Former COVID-19 patient Carlos Alba Garcia and Dr. Hildred Machuca at Phelps Hospital We at Westchester Health couldn’t be prouder of our brave and dedicated physicians who have stepped up to the enormous challenge of caring for patients during the COVID-19 pandemic. In fact, one of our doctors was recently featured in an ABC7NY TV […]

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Why Babies Cry And What You Can Do

Crying is the main way babies express themselves Newborns routinely cry a total of 1-4 hours a day. Crying spells often peak at about 6-8 weeks and then gradually decrease. Reasons babies cry: Hungry Tired Need a diaper change Want to be held Too cold/too warm Overtired/overstimulated Sick Helps them de-stress Sometimes they don’t know […]

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Is My Picky Eater Getting Enough Iron?

Iron is a very important nutrient for your child’s growing body and mind. Iron helps make red blood cells (which prevents anemia), it supports healthy neurocognitive development, and it may even help your child’s stamina during exercise and sports. Yet many children are not getting enough iron, especially the picky eaters.