Meet Our Westchester Health Frontline Doctors Redeployed to Phelps Hospital: Dr. Nina Inamdar

As part of Northwell Health Physician Partners, we at Westchester Health are incredibly proud of our brave and dedicated physicians who are on the front lines caring for COVID-19 patients during the pandemic. Each week we will share their stories in their own words.

Dr. Nina Inamdar uplifted by team camaraderie and patients’ resilience

Dr. Nina Inamdar, Westchester Health Primary Care Physician in our 945 Summer Street office in Stamford, CT, has been redeployed to Phelps Hospital to assist its hospital team in caring for patients during the coronavirus pandemic.

As Dr. Inamdar says in a video (below), “The hardest part for me has been leaving my primary care patients to the care of others in our practice and not being able to be there for them to assuage their fears during this difficult time.”

She then goes on to say, “But what’s been wonderful is working here with the team at Phelps — everyone from the hospitalist team, the critical care team, to even the specialists who have also been redeployed here working as hospitalists. There’s such a camaraderie, and a camaraderie among the nursing staff, bar none. But ultimately it’s the patients who have taught me through their resilience in fighting this. How wonderful to have a team like Phelps to see them home and healthy.”

The virus has been terrifying in that it has no clear course of action, Dr. Inamdar explains. “As I’ve been working here since April 3rd, I’ve noticed that they’ve done newer, more advanced treatments. And each day, the tasks change. But to that end, we’re seeing more discharges and more success rate, which has been fantastic.”

We are very proud and honored to hear Dr. Inamdar say that “overall, being redeployed here to Phelps has been an excellent experience.”

Hear Dr. Inamdar describe her redeployment to Phelps Hospital

To watch a short video of Dr. Inamdar describing her time at Phelps, click here or on the image below.

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