Meet Our Westchester Health Frontline Doctors Redeployed to Phelps Hospital: Dr. Lawrence Goldstein

As part of Northwell Health Physician Partners, we at Westchester Health are incredibly proud of our brave and dedicated physicians who are on the front lines caring for COVID-19 patients during the pandemic. Each week we will share their stories in their own words.

Dr. Lawrence Goldstein returns to Phelps Hospital after 27 years

Dr. Lawrence Goldstein, Westchester Health Family Physician at our South Broadway office in Tarrytown, has been a member of the Phelps Hospital medical staff for 27 years but in office practice, not coming to the hospital. When the COVID-19 crisis hit and physicians were asked to be redeployed, he volunteered to come to Phelps because he says, “that’s where I’ve been for 27 years and it was so great to see how well everybody works together and so professional, and we’re actually having some good results now.”

Dr. Goldstein also says that “this pandemic has been insane but we’re working hard and everyone’s doing a great job.”

Immediately after Dr. Goldstein speaks these words in a video (below), he is paged and has to cut his remarks short — another example of how when duty calls, our doctors, nurses and entire medical staff respond.

Hear Dr. Goldstein describe his redeployment to Phelps Hospital

To watch a short video of Dr. Goldstein describing his time at Phelps, click here or on the image below.

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