Meet Our Westchester Health Frontline Doctors Redeployed to Phelps Hospital: Dr. Bryan Dorf

As part of Northwell Health Physician Partners, we at Westchester Health are incredibly proud of our brave and dedicated physicians who are on the front lines caring for COVID-19 patients during the pandemic. Each week we will share their stories in their own words.

Dr. Bryan Dorf deeply moved by patients being without their families

Before the coronavirus outbreak, Westchester Health Internist Dr. Bryan Dorf practiced at our 945 Summer Street office in Stamford, CT, treating a variety of ailments from common coughs and colds to chronic medical conditions such as diabetes and hypertension. During the present crisis, he was asked to report to Phelps Hospital to help out its hospitalists, treating COVID and non-COVID patients.

“The thing that most impacted me about the COVID patients is not necessarily the disease process itself,” Dr. Dorf says in a video (below). “It was that all these patients who were here, were here alone, not here with anybody in their family. And whether or not they got better, or didn’t, and didn’t make it through the process, the worst and saddest part of the process for me was patients being alone, without their family members.”

Because it is very difficult for COVID-19 patients to communicate with their families, doctors have acted as the liaison between patients and their loved ones much of the time, Dr. Dorf explains, “along with the nurses who have done a stellar job and who have worked tirelessly to take care of these patients.”

Hear Dr. Dorf describe his redeployment to Phelps Hospital

To watch a short video of Dr. Dorf describing his time at Phelps, click here or on the image below.

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