Looking For Speech or Hearing Services For Your Child? Look To Phelps Hospital

At both Westchester Health Pediatrics and Phelps Hospital, your child comes first

At Westchester Health Pediatrics, our mission is to provide exceptional medical care to infants, children, adolescents and young adults. When we recognize that a patient needs specialized help with speech or hearing or maybe even feeding, we recommend Phelps Hospital, one of our partner hospitals through Northwell Health.

Each child is unique, which is why the pediatric specialists at Phelps focus on individualized care

Children are physically and emotionally different from adults, which is why the medical professionals at Phelps understand that communicating with children about their health (and with their parents about their child’s health) takes a unique approach. It’s also why they believe so strongly in the importance of combining compassion with leading edge treatment when helping the children in our community. At Phelps, parents are encouraged to fully participate in their child’s care.

Children with speech-language, hearing and feeding difficulties find help, support and accomplishment at Phelps

The Donald R. Reed Speech and Hearing Center was founded at Phelps Hospital in 1950 and has served the Westchester community ever since. The highly skilled hearing and language specialists provide speech-language pathology and audiology services for children from birth to age 18 who have difficulty with language, voice, social communication, feeding, swallowing and other related conditions.

At Phelps, the mission of the speech pathologists is to provide individualized treatment to encourage each child to reach their full potential. Each one is a clinical expert in working with children who have difficulty producing or comprehending language, modulating their voice, communicating in social situations, hearing, coordinating oral muscles, or feeding and swallowing. In addition, they emphasize the importance of early identification as well as family involvement to improve the quality of life for young patients and their families, and they encourage family involvement through education and home practice.

The process of diagnosis may include:

  • Standardized speech and language evaluations
  • Voice evaluations
  • Feeding evaluations
  • Modified Barium Swallow studies
  • Auditory Brainstem Response (ABR) testing
  • Complete audiological evaluations
  • Central Auditory Processing evaluations

Early intervention can make a big difference

The Speech and Hearing Center at Phelps is an approved Early Intervention Program (EIP) service provider, which receives New York State funding to conduct audiological assessments and facility-based speech and language therapy for children under age three who may have developmental delays or disabilities. To find out if your child qualifies for the EIP program, call (914) 813-5094.

Phelps’ pediatric speech-language pathologists provide the following types of therapy:

  • Receptive and Expressive Language—understanding what is said or written, and the ability to communicate wants and needs
  • Pragmatic Language—use of appropriate communication in social situations
  • Voice Therapy—focuses on pitch, loudness, rate and quality of the voice
  • Auditory Processing—decoding and remembering language presented verbally, in the absence of a hearing delay
  • Feeding Therapy—the ability to produce adequate sucking, chewing and lingual movements for breast and bottle feeding, as well as transitioning to solid foods
  • Articulation/motor speech—the ability to combine sounds and words to produce intelligible speech
  • PROMPT Therapy—Restructuring Oral Muscular Phonetic Targets (a multidimensional approach to speech production disorders)

Announcing our new office: Cohen Children’s Northwell Health Physician Partners Pediatrics at Phelps

In order to provide the highest quality pediatric services for our area’s children, particularly those in the western part of Westchester County, Westchester Health Pediatrics is pleased to announce the opening of our new office on the Phelps Hospital campus in Sleepy Hollow. (To read about the Grand Opening of our new WHP facility, click here.)

Now, in addition to our 10 convenient locations throughout Westchester County, you and your child have access to the added resources of Phelps Hospital, including its inpatient pediatric unit.

What our partnership with Phelps means for you and your family

Because we are now affiliated with Phelps Hospital through Northwell Health, you and your child have access to a wide array of additional medical services and sub-specialties, including:

  • Pediatric hospitalists
  • Concussion specialists
  • Pediatric physical therapists
  • Pediatric occupational therapists
  • Pediatric orthopedic department
  • Pediatric surgery department

When you need us, we are here for you, now more than ever

At Westchester Health Pediatrics, we are committed to delivering the highest quality standard of compassionate, patient-centered care for your child. Whether you have a newborn, toddler, adolescent, teenager, or a combination, we’ll do everything we can to help your child grow up to be healthy and happy, now and for a lifetime. We invite you to come in and see us at our new Phelps location or our other 10 Westchester offices. We look forward to seeing you and your child soon. Whenever, wherever you need us, we’re here for you.

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