If Your Child Needs A Pediatric Specialist, You Now Have Access to Cohen Children’s Medical Center.

Great news! Now that Westchester Health is part of Northwell Health and its physician organization, Northwell Health Physician Partners, you now have access to the pediatric services of Cohen Children’s Medical Center, the New York metropolitan area’s only hospital designed exclusively for children and one of the nation’s best children’s hospitals. Rest assured, Westchester Health physicians will continue caring for you and your family at the state-of-the-art locations where you currently see us. But in addition, you can now take advantage of the outstanding sub-specialties and programs available at Cohen Children’s Medical Center.

Here’s a terrific story about a Cohen Children’s Medical Center patient, particularly if you have a child with a rare and hard-to-treat condition—in this case, Langerhans cell histiocytosis (LCH).

Doctors who stop at nothing to find answers, and hopefully, cures

Taylor Ryan, a 15-year-old East Islip High School freshman, has already experienced a lifetime of medical care and hospital visits to treat her LCH. This rare disease usually responds well to treatment, but Taylor’s case is different. In 2010, she and her family learned that it was affecting her central nervous system, causing severe headaches, hand tremors and visual disturbances. It also produces unpredictable seizures that trigger numbness and blindness on her right side, plus weakness and dizziness.

Taylor’s pediatric hematologist/oncologist, Carolyn Fein Levy, MD, leads the Pediatric Oncology Rare Tumor and Sarcoma Program at Cohen Children’s Medical Center. “This disease is rare, but LCH of the central nervous system, like Taylor’s, is rarer still,” she said. “Treating it is very challenging.”

To try and find an effective long-term treatment, Taylor’s care team at Cohen Children’s Medical Center has collaborated with an international LCH specialist at Texas Children’s Hospital. “I could never thank the physicians at Cohen Children’s Medical Center enough for seeking out the highest level of expertise for my daughter,” Taylor’s mom said. “They don’t stop until they come up with the best plan for her.”

While the pediatric hematology/oncology specialists tirelessly work to control Taylor’s symptoms and put her LCH of into remission, she has a tremendously positive attitude that serves her well. The light at the end of the tunnel might still be far away right now, but optimism and trust in her Cohen Children’s Medical Center care team illuminate the way.

To read Taylor’s full story, click here.

When you need us, we are here for you, now more than ever

At Westchester Health, even though some things have changed recently, the most important thing about us has not: our commitment to delivering the highest-quality standard of compassionate, patient-centered care for you and your family. Whenever, wherever you need us, we’re here for you.

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