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Westchester Health Pediatrics Takes A Stand Against Teen Vaping

The pediatricians of Westchester Health Pediatrics/Northwell Health Physician Partners do not condone the use of vaping. Vaping, particularly among teenagers, has become a national crisis. A new generation of young people is now getting hooked on nicotine, and in some cases, it’s costing them their lives. Something needs to be done, and fast, to convince […]

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Vaping and Tobacco: What You And Your Family Should Know

E-cigarettes or vapes, are devices that create a vapor or aerosol of a nicotine-based substance. But unlike cigarettes, vapes do not create smoke so their use is less obvious to those around the person vaping. Moreover, many healthcare professionals are becoming increasingly alarmed at the popularity of vaping because the vapor that is released actually […]

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Summer’s Over, Fall Is Here. Why Do I Still Have Allergies?

Most people think that spring and summer are the worst seasons for allergies, but fall is not far behind, bringing with it these unpleasant and annoying symptoms: Watery, itchy, irritated eyes Runny nose Nasal congestion Sneezing Headaches Rashes or hives Itchy throat In severe cases, trouble breathing or anaphylaxis (a life-threatening allergic reaction)

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Don’t Believe That E-Cigarettes And Vaping Are Safe. They’re Not.

The good news is that the rates for adolescents smoking tobacco have dipped slightly. The bad news is that e-cigarette use in middle and high school students has tripled. Many people, especially teens, think that e-cigarettes are a safe alternative to smoking. Unfortunately, this is simply not true. E-cigarettes are just another way of absorbing nicotine—which […]