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Make Family Dinners Part of Your Family’s Healthy Lifestyle

In the digital era, it can be increasingly difficult for parents to keep their children engaged and off their screens. Nightly family dinners can be one of the best ways to engage with your kids and strengthen familial bonds. Cooking a quality meal each evening, and doing so with your family, will also ensure that […]

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Everything Parents Need To Know About RSV

By Patricia Scanlon, Writer Originally published in The Well by Northwell Respiratory distress in a child is sure to make any parent anxious. Learn the warning signs of RSV and know when it’s time to head to the pediatrician. Earlier this summer, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention issued a health alert advisory to […]

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How To Know If Your Child Has Anorexia

Have you noticed that your teenager is hyper-focused on their weight or may be losing weight even when they appear to be eating? Is she/he more fatigued than usual, listless or complaining of feeling lightheaded or weak? These may be signs of anorexia nervosa, an eating disorder that when not identified and treated, can develop […]

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Westchester Health Pediatrician Dr. Peter Richel Teaches Kids To Wear A Mask In Fun Video

“Have you been wearing a mask?,” asks Westchester Health Pediatrician Dr. Peter Richel in the recent video he created, “Let’s Put On A Mask.” Known as “the singing pediatrician,” Dr. Richel uses a fun, bouncy song to teach kids about the importance of wearing a mask to keep themselves and those around them from getting […]