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How To Know If You Have A Healthy, Well-Functioning Family

Healthy parenting comes from a healthy family, and vice versa As everyone knows, there is no perfect family, or even a normal one. And yet, while families come in all combinations of sizes, ages, genders and colors, we at Westchester Health Pediatrics have seen over the years that healthy, well-adjusted families tend to have several key characteristics in common: […]

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Now That You’ve Made It Through The Terrible 2s, Here’s How To Survive The Even More Terrible 3s.

At Westchester Health Pediatrics, what we hear from many of our parents of toddlers is that as bad as the “terrible 2s” were, the “terrible 3s” are even worse. They turn to us for help, advice and guidance…and they need it now! We get it. We’re parents too, and somehow we managed to live through the […]

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Vaping and Tobacco: What You And Your Family Should Know

E-cigarettes or vapes, are devices that create a vapor or aerosol of a nicotine-based substance. But unlike cigarettes, vapes do not create smoke so their use is less obvious to those around the person vaping. Moreover, many healthcare professionals are becoming increasingly alarmed at the popularity of vaping because the vapor that is released actually […]