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Are You Concerned About Your Child’s Speech?

Children learn to communicate early in infancy, and any challenge with speech or language can have a significant effect on social, emotional and academic development. That’s why it’s so important to identify the difference between speech and language disorders and to intervene early so that children can be more likely to be successful academically and […]

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The Facts About Growth Disorders, Such As Short Stature

Normal growth requires a child be healthy, well-nourished and loved. Hopefully, all children develop “normally” but sometimes, either due to nutrition deficits or genetics, certain children develop growth disorders. The good news: Today there are excellent treatments and therapies to help reverse many growth disorders, such as short stature. Also, in many cases, growth disorders are temporary and […]

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Three Vaccines You Need To Know About

Here at Westchester Health Pediatrics, we firmly believe in immunizing your child against preventable diseases and feel that this is one of the best ways to keep him/her healthy and thriving. Short of basic sanitation and nutrition, no medical intervention has done more to save lives and prevent disease than immunizations. Plus, vaccines cause virtually no significant adverse effects. The following are three vaccines you especially need to […]

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New, Highly-Advanced Prenatal Tests Help Identify Problems Early, Says Westchester Health’s Navid Mootabar, MD

Prenatal Care, Using New Innovative Testing Methods, Is Increasingly An Essential Part Of A Healthy Pregnancy Dr. Navid Mootabar, Westchester Health Associates OB/GYN, Praises Breakthrough Advances in Prenatal Testing For Early Identification Of Possible Problems Katonah, NY, May 18, 2015 — The long nine months of pregnancy can be an anxious time for many parents, especially first-timers, […]