Will It Hurt The Baby To Have Sex During Pregnancy?

“Can sex during pregnancy harm the baby?” At Westchester Health, this is one of the most frequent questions we get asked by expecting couples. Our answer (unless there’s a problem) is almost always no. To learn why, we urge you to read this informative blog on the subject by Lauren Adler, MD, FAAP, a pediatrician with our Westchester Health Pediatrics group (excerpted below). There is also a good deal of helpful information and advice for expecting parents on the WHP website which you can access here.    Continue reading

Morning Sickness? 14 Best Ways To Ease The Misery

As we tell our patients at Westchester Health who are pregnant, expecting a baby is a wonderful thing but morning sickness can sure take the fun out of it. To help ease their symptoms so they can feel better throughout their pregnancy, we offer this informative blog by Lauren Adler, MD, FAAP, a pediatrician with our Westchester Health Pediatrics group (excerpted below). There is also helpful information and advice for expecting parents on the WHP website which you can access here.   Continue reading

Why You Really Need Folic Acid When You’re Pregnant

If you’re pregnant or might become pregnant, it’s critically important for you to get enough folic acid, the synthetic form of vitamin B9, also known as folate. Folic acid plays an important role in the production of red blood cells and helps prevent neural tube defects (NTDs) which are serious birth defects of the spinal cord (such as spina bifida) and the brain (such as anencephaly). The neural tube is the part of the embryo where your baby’s spine and brain development begin. NTDs affect approximately 3,000 pregnancies annually in the U.S.

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6 Best Exercises During Pregnancy

If you’re pregnant, you’ve probably been told by your OB/GYN that exercising during your pregnancy is a great idea, even highly recommended, for a number of reasons. At Westchester Health, we agree. Regular exercise during all three trimesters can improve health, reduce the risk of excess weight gain and back pain, and make delivery easier. It also can give your newborn a healthier start in life.

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Can I Get Pregnant While Breastfeeding?

Getting pregnant again may be the last thing you want to do after having a baby and caring for a demanding newborn. But once sexual activity has resumed, we at Westchester Health advise couples that they should think about their birth control options if they want to prevent another pregnancy from occurring right away.

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Yes, Breast Really Is Best For Mom And Baby

It’s often said that breast milk is nature’s perfect food, and at Westchester Health, we thoroughly agree. Not only does it greatly benefit a growing newborn, but the act of breastfeeding has a number of very important health benefits for a nursing mom, too.

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How To Know If You Have A Yeast Infection

It itches. It burns. It’s embarrassing to talk about. If you’ve ever had one, you know what it’s like. If not, you’re lucky. I’m referring to a yeast infection, a non-serious but very uncomfortable vaginal condition that I see frequently in my female patients at Westchester Health. (Although relatively rare, men can also get yeast infections from having unprotected sex with a woman who has a yeast infection.)

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Having A Baby Over Age 35 Has Its Own Special Joys and Risks

If you’re 35 or older and expecting a baby, you have many advantages over younger moms, such as being more financially secure and having years of life experiences to draw upon when raising your child. As the average age at marriage rises in the U.S., so does the average age of new mothers. We can attest to that: many of our moms-to-be are in their late 30s and early to mid-40s.

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How Much Should You Exercise While Pregnant?

At Westchester Health, here’s what we advise pregnant women who ask us if it’s safe to exercise while they’re expecting: if they were physically active before their pregnancy, they can continue their activity in moderation. We firmly believe that maintaining a regular exercise routine throughout a pregnancy can help both the mom-to-be and her baby stay healthy.

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How Much Weight Should I Gain While I’m Pregnant?

Here at Westchester Health, we get this question a lot from our moms who are expecting. Our answer? Yes, of course, you do need to eat extra calories for your growing baby, but it’s really not necessary to “eat for two.” In actual fact, the average pregnant woman needs only about 300 healthy calories more a day than she did before she was pregnant in order to gain the right amount of weight.

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