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Parents: It’s Not Tainted Candy You Need to Fear On Halloween, It’s Car Injuries

With Halloween just around the corner, now is the time that parents and children need to be reminded about how to stay safe while trick-or-treating. Many parents worry about tampered candy and strangers approaching their children, but we at Westchester Health want everyone to know that the real danger is injury from car accidents. For your […]

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How Discipline Helps Create A Happier, Healthier Child…And Parents

At Westchester Health, we feel strongly that happy kids are those who have been raised with appropriate discipline, along with plenty of praise. This crucial combination is an important way to help your child develop into a responsible, well-adjusted adult. After many years of helping the parents in our practice work through the ups and downs of disciplining their children, […]


U.S. News & World Report Features WHP Peter Richel MD’s Back-To-School Health Tips For Parents

In a recent article in U.S. News & World Report, Dr. Peter Richel, a pediatrician with Westchester Health Pediatrics, reminds parents that they need to remember the importance of keeping their children healthy. “As we approach the beginning of each school year, we must consider the ongoing health of our children,” Dr. Richel advises. “Ages differ, and therefore needs and […]

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Is My Picky Eater Getting Enough Iron?

Iron is a very important nutrient for your child’s growing body and mind. Iron helps make red blood cells (which prevents anemia), it supports healthy neurocognitive development, and it may even help your child’s stamina during exercise and sports. Yet many children are not getting enough iron, especially the picky eaters.

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7 Top Ways to Prevent Diaper Rash

If you have a baby, you’re probably going to have to deal with diaper rash, no matter if you’re using cloth or disposable diapers and even if you’re hyper-vigilant with changes. At Westchester Health, we’ve helped thousands of parents learn how to prevent diaper rash, as well as treat it if it occurs. We’re here […]