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Do Vaccinations Cause Autism? NO, And Here’s Why

Strange how history repeats itself In 1998, a British surgeon named Andrew Wakefield published a fraudulent research paper in The Lancet, a prestigious medical journal, suggesting that the measles, mumps, rubella (MMR) vaccine was increasing autism in British children. Because a number of parents believed this now-discredited theory and chose not to immunize their children, an outbreak of measles occurred […]

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19 Signs That You Might Have Lupus

Are you really tired all the time? Do you have frequent headaches? Are your joints swollen and painful? It may not be the flu or a similar illness. You may have lupus, a chronic autoimmune disease that causes systemic inflammation that affects multiple organs, especially the skin and joints. Lupus can also affect other organs […]

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Are You Sure Your Child Is Allergic To Penicillin? He/She May Not Be.

Allergists have long known that penicillin “allergy” is often over-diagnosed. As outlined in a recent study referenced by The New York Times, at least 95% of patients can tolerate penicillins despite a previous history of allergy. This is quite important clinically since penicillin products are often safer and more effective than other more expensive antibiotics. […]