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8 Best Ways To Prevent Foot Problems Caused By Diabetes

As a podiatrist with Westchester Health, I see a lot of foot problems caused by diabetes, because these tend to be among the most common complications associated with diabetes. Some of my patients take good care of their feet, but sadly, some do not. If not managed properly, diabetes can cause irreversible damage to the […]

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How To Recognize And Treat Cystic Fibrosis In Your Child

At Westchester Health, we often get questions from our parents who have noticed their child having trouble breathing, and they want to know if their he/she might have asthma or some other lung disease. After performing many in-depth tests, we sometimes find that the child has cystic fibrosis. Because many people are unfamiliar with this condition, […]

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I Think My Baby Has Cradle Cap. What Do I Do?

Are you noticing thick, oily white or yellow crusty or scaly patches on your baby’s scalp? Relax, it’s nothing serious, it’s probably cradle cap. Cradle cap is the common term for seborrheic dermatitis, and it’s something we see quite often in our newborn patients here at Westchester Health Pediatrics. Basically infant dandruff, cradle cap is extremely […]

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Painful Footwear: The Worst Shoes for Your Feet

I realize that people love flashy, high-fashion shoes but as a podiatrist with Westchester Health, I see firsthand the damage they can cause to feet and ankles. As well as exacerbating toe deformities, calluses, corns, bone spurs and other problems, wearing the wrong or too-high shoes puts tendons, joints and entire muscle groups at risk of […]


Westchester Health Now Part Of Northwell Health

Westchester Health Now that we’re part of Northwell Health, we’re even better A year ago today, March 1, 2017, Westchester Health joined Northwell Health and its 2,700-member physician organization, Northwell Health Physician Partners. This important new partnership connects us to Northwell Health’s extraordinary resources, enabling us to greatly expand our services to bring you and […]