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Does Your Child Have Bulimia?

In a recent study, one in five 9th graders and two in five 12th graders (high school seniors) admitted to stuffing themselves with food and then forcing themselves to vomit, at least once. In the entire population, one in four U.S. teenagers are believed to binge and purge regularly. This is known as bulimia, often accompanied by […]

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How Chronic Illness or Disability Affects the Whole Family

Over the years, one thing we’ve observed here at Westchester Health Pediatrics is that the stress of a child’s serious illness, chronic health condition or disability often causes problems in the family at large, particularly if parents try to deal with their fears, frustrations and exhaustion without support. In some instances, parents become so consumed […]

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My Child Gets a Lot of Colds. Is There Anything I Can Do?

Get ready…cold season is on its way. Every year without fail, as soon as the air gets crisp and fall begins to tilt toward winter, here at Westchester Health Pediatrics we get inundated with kids with colds! Your child will probably have more colds (upper respiratory infections) than any other illness throughout his/her early life. In […]