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Is LASIK Right For You?

Over the last several years, the vision-correcting procedure known as LASIK has become very popular and a lot of my patients ask for it. While the thought of having a laser pointed at your eye may seem scary for some people, in reality, laser eye surgery is an easy, safe, relatively painless and FDA-approved procedure. Are […]

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How You Can Help Your Child Avoid Eczema

Know it or not, eczema is the most common skin problem treated by pediatricians. In our all of our different offices, our physicians see a lot of eczema, especially our pediatricians. Wondering if there’s anything you can do to keep your child from developing it? Glenn E. Kaplan, MD, FAAP, a pediatrician with our Westchester Health Pediatrics group, has […]

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Best Ways to Help Your Child Avoid Pink Eye

Has your child ever come home from preschool (or day camp, a sleepover or anywhere he/she has been in close contact with other children) with red, puffy, weepy eyes? The culprit could very well be pink eye, or conjunctivitis. Since pink eye mainly occurs in children, we see a lot of cases in our pediatric practice, Westchester […]