10 Steps To A Healthy Heart

The bad news: Cardiovascular disease, including heart disease and stroke, is the leading cause of death in the United States. Every year, Americans suffer 1.5 million heart attacks and strokes, and 2,200 people die from cardiovascular diseases every day.

The good news: Heart disease is mostly preventable.

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How To Deal With A Colicky Baby

Colic…that dreaded word that strikes fear in the hearts of parents. No matter how cute and cuddly your baby may be, after weeks (or months) of seemingly non-stop crying, even the most stalwart of moms and dads may feel on the verge of losing it. But hang on, help is on the way.

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Even Though Summer Is Over, Your Skin Still Needs Protection From The Sun

Goodbye summer, hello fall, and all too soon, winter. Even though you’re no longer basking on the beach (at least in New York State), the sun is still out and can cause significant damage to your skin. First or second degree burns, dark spots, wrinkles, and an increased risk for cancer, or carcinoma, are all possible at any time of year and should be protected against.

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10 Colon Cancer Symptoms You Shouldn’t Ignore

Other than skin cancers, colorectal cancer is the third most common cancer diagnosed in both men and women in the United States. If you are experiencing any of the symptoms described below, it is very important for you to get checked out by your doctor. It might be nothing but then again, it might be something. Here’s what to look for, when to worry, and also, when not to.

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Instead Of Going To An Urgicenter, Call Your Pediatrician

What if your child has a terrible cough, possibly strep, but it’s late, or a Sunday, or maybe even a holiday, and you don’t want to bother your pediatrician. What do you do? Sure, you could go to your local ER or urgicenter. Or, you could call your child’s pediatrician.

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The 10 Most Common Eye Problems

Your eyesight is one of your most valuable assets. Because maintaining the health of your eyes is so important, here are the Top 10 most common issues people experience with their eyes. If any of these apply to you, please see an ophthalmologist as soon as possible before the condition threatens your eyesight.

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Why Immunizing Your Child Is So Important

At Westchester Health Associates, we strongly believe in the importance of immunizations and fully advise giving your child all recommended vaccines from birth until age 18. Short of basic sanitation and nutrition, no medical intervention has done more to save lives and prevent disease than immunizations. Continue reading

6 Questions You Should Ask During Your OB-GYN Checkup

For some women, discussing reproductive health with their OB/GYN (obstetrician and gynecologist) is pretty embarrassing, especially since it often concerns conversations about sex. However, as with the other parts of your body, your reproductive organs need regular checkups with a medical professional, specifically an OB/GYN specialist.

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It’s October — Time To Get Your Flu Shot

Even though Halloween is still a few weeks away, this is the time of year to get the flu shot. When people ask us whether they should get vaccinated against the flu, our answer is always an enthusiastic YES. It prevents you from getting the flu or at least shortens its duration by 1-2 days, which if you’ve ever had the flu is a lot! Continue reading