Before Your Visit

Prepare for your appointment

Register to use our Secure Any pertinent medical records from other physicians and specialists, including test results and surgical reports, should be sent in advance to Westchester Health before your visit, or you should bring them with you.

Download our Medical Record Release Form, complete it and send a copy to each provider from whom you are requesting records.

Download Westchester Health’s New Patient Form and bring it with you.

Review our HIPAA and RED FLAG policies that protect the confidentiality of your information.

Prepare a list of your health concerns and questions, putting the most urgent items first.

List all of your prescription medications, the strength and dosage instructions for each, as well as the names of the prescribing doctors. Be sure your list includes the names and strengths of over-the-counter medications, natural and herbal remedies, and vitamins.

Make a list of all of your current and recent health care providers, including their addresses, phone numbers, fax numbers (if available), and their areas of specialization.

Patient Portal, a convenient way for you to communicate online with your health care team, request prescription refills, pay bills, and receive email alerts.

Prepare for your Physical

Do not eat or drink 8 hours before your physical exam.

You may, however, drink water, and we encourage you to drink plenty of it.

Do not apply body oils, powders or lotions.

Please take you blood pressure medication the day of your exam.

If you have been referred by another physician

Check with your insurance provider to determine whether a referral is needed; if so, be sure the referral has been issued before your appointment, and bring all referral information with you, including your insurance card and, if possible, the referral or authorization number.

Bring results of any diagnostic tests related to your diagnosis.

Vaccinations for Travel

Bring a copy of your itinerary, along with a record of past immunizations, and, if you have one, your immunization “Yellow Card” booklet.

You may also want to check or to determine your itinerary's travel needs in preparation for your doctor visit.