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Vaccine Information

Learn more about your medical condition and empower yourself with the tools to ask the right questions and have important conversations with your health care provider.Please click the link below for a comprehensive list of information about what you need to know regarding your health and disease prevention. Vaccine Information
Browse topic information sheets on the most common vaccines and learn more about the illnesses they prevent.
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Before Your Visit

Please fill out the following forms prior to your first visit:

Patient Registration Form
Pediatric Patient Registration Form
Patient Privacy Notice & Form
Medical Records Release Form
Patient Communication Form

To make your visit with Westchester Health more productive and to ensure that you maximize your time with your doctor (instead of spending time filling out paperwork when you arrive, for example), here are some helpful tips:

General Appointment Instructions.

Procedures and Prep

We want you to be prepared for any tests or procedures that are part of your appointment. Certain procedures have pre-visit requirements that you need to be aware of and adhere to prior to your arrival. Pre-visit instructions are listed here.


Cardiology Procedures: